Snow Ghost #12: Zombies

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A conversation with Catholic Worker Scott Schaeffer-Duffy about zombies. Features footage from “Night of the Living Dead” and “White Zombie.”

Stills from this episode.

Scott: Division and self-interest are not good solutions. Building up walls, keeping out people, not being hospitable, they’re not good solutions cause ultimately somebody’s gonna catapult a plague victim over your walls because of the bitterness. You’re gonna end up divided with each other. You gotta keep your values intact.

Mike: So actually Worcester’s success in dealing with people who are experiencing homelessness, or addiction, or whatever, maybe comes into play when we face zombie attack.

Scott: The compassionate cities are gonna fare better.

Bruce is describing “Prince of Darkness.”

Mike: Wait a second, it’s a liquid form of Satan?

Bruce: Yeah!

Scott: You haven’t seen this film?

Bruce: You gotta see this man!

Mike: How do they manufacture a liquid form of Satan?

Bruce: It’s in a green liquid. How do you liquify vomit after you get it on yourself?

Mike: It is liquid! It’s vomit!

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