One thought on “Snow Ghost Community Show #14: The Journey”

  1. [We received this comment when the show was aired:]

    This might be my favorite show yet. But I’ll never pick a favorite. Nice beard snow ghost! Did Mike Leslie lend his to you? Thanks for doing this! I think I like it so much cuz so many different people are talking.

    I liked this conversation from the show, so I typed it out:

    MIKE: It’s not about shopping, it’s not about trying to look cool. It’s not about trying to live up to expectations that other people have for you. What would you say.. What do you think it’s about?
    SNOWGHOST: It’s about feeling good about yourself. And feeling positive about what you’re doing.
    M: And I guess if you’re living your dreams you probably can feel positive about what you’re doing.
    SG: Right.
    M: Unless your dreams are all nightmares
    Dream big and live your life.

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