Snow Ghost CD reviewed in Metronome


There’s a nice review of the Snow Ghost album Despair, Death, and Redempshire in this month’s Metronome magazine. You can find this, for free, at various music stores; in Worcester, Union Music has it.

by Douglas Sloan

The Silver Mountain is fueled by the soul and spirit of songwriter-singer Bruce Russell. Mixing mysticism and a deep spiritual belief with otherworldly tales of death, despair and rebirth Russell raps more than sings on this collection of original compositions that are powered mostly by mesmerizing synthesizers and hypnotic drum patterns. Russell has a peculiar diction in his voice that reminds this listener of an old Indian warrior telling his stories of the hunt around the campfire. Coupled to his wildly imaginative authorings, Russell’s music is more performance art than classic metal. Listen and experience . . .

Image: Bruce and Mike at the Show Ghost Review Party, Da Lat, Worcester

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