Silver Mountain #3: Women of Worcester punk

Cha-Cha Connor and Bruce “Snow Ghost” Russell interview an all-star panel about Worcester’s punk scene. Featuring: Cathy Cah, Lauren Cain, Kae Collins, Yukiko Fujii, Joanne Hart, Lysie Nagorski, Toni Ostrow, Annie Paquette, Mariah Pariah, Kelley Parsons, and Erin Riley.

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Silver Mountain #2: Mystery Band 2009

Choice clips from the 2009 Worcester Mystery Band concert.

Here’s how Jacob Berendes described Mystery Band in 2007:

mystery band is a worcester activity in which everyone who is interested in being in a band submits their name and contact information (and any previous musical experience) to a central organizer, who then organizes the list of people into however many five or six person bands. these bands are given a certain amount of time (usually 2 months) to have a few practices and write between 5 and 20 minutes of original material that is not a waste of everybody’s time. improvisation is prohibited. participants need not have any prior musical experience, just the desire to be in a band and the ability to step up. mystery band culminates in a series of shows for all the bands that pulled it off.

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