Snow Ghost Community Show #21: Mystery Band

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The Snow Ghost Community Show is proud to present video and audio from Worcester Mystery Band 2008.

Here’s how Jacob Berendes described Mystery Band in 2007:

mystery band is a worcester activity in which everyone who is interested in being in a band submits their name and contact information (and any previous musical experience) to a central organizer, who then organizes the list of people into however many five or six person bands. these bands are given a certain amount of time (usually 2 months) to have a few practices and write between 5 and 20 minutes of original material that is not a waste of everybody’s time. improvisation is prohibited. participants need not have any prior musical experience, just the desire to be in a band and the ability to step up. mystery band culminates in a series of shows for all the bands that pulled it off.


Snow Ghost Community Show #20: Bone Zone

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Bone Zone live in Worcester, Sept. 6, 2008. You can download a free mp3 of their album Perching on the Beam. For more videos, see Cop Heaven.

Audio downloads from this show. (This audio is cleaner but less-fun than the audio used on the video.)

The cablecast version of this program is followed by Stephen Fry’s Happy Birthday to GNU and I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.

Snow Ghost Community Show #19: Hang Out Your Creative Laundry

A documentary about the interactive public sculture installation “Hang Out Your Creative Laundry,” held at Worcester’s Elm Park August 15, 2008.

Includes interviews with Susan Champeny, Mihoko Wakabayashi, Casey Burns, Dan Burke, Dante Comparetto, Jacob Berendes, Asa, and Pogo.

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Snow Ghost Community Show #17: Making your own fun

Bruce and Mike visit Start In The Park, an art festival held in Worcester June 1, 2008. They talk with Andrea Ajemian, Nik Perry, and Kelley Parsons about “making your own fun.” Topics include boy bands, “We Got the Beat,” the new sincerity, bike lanes, and the Road to the Metal Kingdoms.

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Snow Ghost Community Show #14: The Journey

Bruce Russell visits the Dive Bar Mayoral Forum; performs solo at Pleasant Street Baptist Church; interviews Bert Centeno, Jacob Berendes, Jeff Barnard, and Mike Leslie; and shares his thoughts.

Correction: Bruce was visiting a friend, not a homeless shelter, when he wrote the song.

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Snow Ghost #13: The Catonsville Nine

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On May 17, 1968, the “Catonsville Nine” went to the draft board in Catonsville, Maryland, took 378 draft files, brought them to the parking lot in wire baskets, dumped them out, poured homemade napalm over them, and set them on fire.

On the 40th anniversary, we talk with Catonsville Nine member Tom Lewis, and long-time peace activist Michael True.

Snow Ghost #12: Zombies

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A conversation with Catholic Worker Scott Schaeffer-Duffy about zombies. Features footage from “Night of the Living Dead” and “White Zombie.”

Stills from this episode.

Scott: Division and self-interest are not good solutions. Building up walls, keeping out people, not being hospitable, they’re not good solutions cause ultimately somebody’s gonna catapult a plague victim over your walls because of the bitterness. You’re gonna end up divided with each other. You gotta keep your values intact.

Mike: So actually Worcester’s success in dealing with people who are experiencing homelessness, or addiction, or whatever, maybe comes into play when we face zombie attack.

Scott: The compassionate cities are gonna fare better.

Bruce is describing “Prince of Darkness.”

Mike: Wait a second, it’s a liquid form of Satan?

Bruce: Yeah!

Scott: You haven’t seen this film?

Bruce: You gotta see this man!

Mike: How do they manufacture a liquid form of Satan?

Bruce: It’s in a green liquid. How do you liquify vomit after you get it on yourself?

Mike: It is liquid! It’s vomit!