Snow Ghost Community Show #10: Sam Gaskin

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An interview with comics artist Sam Gaskin.

Sam created the opening animation to the Snow Ghost Community Show. Also mentioned in this interview: Dan Clowes, Mario Lopez, Mad Magazine, Will Elder, Sergio Aragones, Jacob Berendes, Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas, In the Heat of the Night, HBML, Bert Centeno.

Bruce: So art can actually . . .
Mike: . . . solve crime.

Snow Ghost Community Show #7: Coffee

Gray Harrison and Claire Schaeffer-Duffy talk about coffee in Worcester.

Bruce and Mike discuss coffee with caffeine-powered bicyclist Gray Harrison and Catholic Worker Claire Schaeffer-Duffy. (More discussion of this episode at Pie and Coffee.)

Snow Ghost Community Show #6: Aliens

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Bruce and Mike talk with people who claim they’re visiting Worcester to wait for an alien landing at the airport. For more about the Worcester Airport, see the FlyORH Blog. For postage stamps with pictures of aliens, see the Fortean Times.

On television, this episode is followed by the short film Man and His Culture.

Snow Ghost Community Show #3: 100th episode!

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Mike and a very tired Bruce celebrate the “100th” episode of the Community Show with Grace Duffy, Kevin Ksen, and Dave Maciewski. Topics include neighborhood revitalization in Worcester, the genius of Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and zombie films.

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Background video: “200”, by Vincent Collins.

Directed by Nicole Belanger and Mike Benedetti.

Mike: “I just want to say, Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a genius. This cake . . . the proof is in the cake.”

Bruce: “I say probably 30% that I’m vegetarian and probably the rest of it I’m just, strictly just too metal.”

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