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Tricia Gdowik is single, in her 20s, & lives in the Philadelphia area. She can often be found hanging out in Philly or wandering around aimlessly, going nowhere in particular. A painter, photographer, and computer artist in her free time, she likes 50s coffeshop architecture and art by (in no particular order) Dali, Kenny Scharf, Kandinsky, Manet (not Monet!), Vermeer, herself, Daniel Clowes (comic book writer & illustrator), Pontormo, Boticelli, and more.
Mike Benedetti is a certified swimming instructor and lifeguard. He has sailed small craft under the supervision of Chris Zagrodny.
E.J. Koonpa thinks he’s an artist, but with visiting art galleries, going to concerts, playing softball, eating donuts, and working, he really doesn’t get around to producing
Seamus McGee is a 5’8″, 190 lb. Irishman. He is 31 years old and has one child named Caitlin, about whom he knows very little. He chain smokes Old Gold cigarettes and his favorite beverage is Guinness (properly poured the Irish way). He is currently working on his first book, Bobby Beercan, a biography of Bob Pollard featuring cheesy concert and “candid”
Michael “Crash” Radford is a menace on wheels. He is the publisher of LANDLUBBER.
A. N. M. Villani is a long-time resident of Southern California.
Steve Rice is the Hollywood correspondent.
Kai-hsu Tai, born 1977, is a stranger in all lands and student of all tongues. He currently sojourns in San Diego, California.
Are we metacircular interpreters made in heaven? 22yo GAM seeks honest and communicative career in computational linguistics for friendship and possible LTR. Enjoys coding, computing, theorizing, and simplifying, alone or together. Party-line-free and you be too. Chung-chieh Shan.
Patrick Drew still has all of his wisdom teeth.



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