First Time South of the Equator

—— van Wellington,
die mooiste van Boland,
blonde as Western Cape.

Golden strands beaming,
warm wind mo-/un-dulating,
down to the foothills.

Behold! Reflected:
penguins, dassies, and ostrich,
in two deep blue ponds.

Yet these dominate:
Devil's Peak and Lion's Head
framing Tafelberg.

I climb atop, sun-
kissed, to find in fynbos, a
dewy protea.

Oceans, two, stroking
the long, firm Peninsula:
gentle foaming waves.

Sunbird, wings pulsing,
sheen to pollinate flora,
I come (here I come). . . .

— K.T.
copyright © 2007, K.T. and LANDLUBBER HOME