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So quite reluctantly I bought this journal, after browsing for about an hour in Bookstar (which is seemingly about to be devoured by Barnes & Noble) (I later found out that it is Barnes and Noble.) yesterday. I went this morning and picked this up along with another book Stealing Jesus. I just thought it would be nice to have a paperback on the way.

I've tried to minimize paper in my life -- keeping everything digital, with my appointment book as my last major paper dependency.

But traveling with my Toshiba Satellite notebook all the way to Nunavut just seemed too inefficient.

Mailed my thought dump to Dennis last night.

"I have a journal now. Now I just need an imaginary friend."

On the bus 34 to Urey Hall for one last check of email. 19990628T1141

There was a quote in TeXbook near the end about not hiring sojourners to typeset, for they can always leave.

"I would not hire myself if I were my boss."

On this journal: there did not seem to be enough space on my appointment book -- and it is not quite far fetched to reinstate my "brain dumping" tradition on paper again -- the tradition that started before I had email access. T1144

Plan for today (0628)

  • Check email
  • Go downtown
  • Lunch
  • Spend an afternoon downtown
  • Go to the airport (bus 922)
  • Fly

Ironic that I have to skip town in order to have an excuse to go downtown . . . Last time I went with Patrick before going off to L.A. later that night. T1146

Dr Dave Sept sent an email to the Group giving a Canada quiz. "What is Canada's newest province? (as of within one year) (Hint: Kaihsu is there right now)." Heh. T1234

T1414 Eating at Yoshinoya Downtown 1st × Broadway.

I was trying to put my baggage in the locker at the Greyhound depot but they were either occupied or not functioning. I saw two ladies from Québec (I saw the flag on one of their backpacks). "You guys from Québec?" "Yeah." They don't seem to want to talk with me.

This other guy waiting there spent 4 months in México and is going back home in Seattle. He showed me a Delaware quarter and expressed his surprise in seeing on of those. T1417

Plan: Tryin' the Greyhound depot one last time. Then onto the Santa Fe Depot.

Dude, this totally ain't cool. It's like only T1556, some 5 hours before boarding time, and I am already checked in at the airport. Mainly, this is because I couldn't find a locker at downtown. Let's see how we can spend 5 hour at the airport. T1557

The Lindbergh Field is San Diego's International Airport. Charles A. Lindbergh, the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic, got his plane Spirit of St Louis, here in San Diego. There are many exhibits of Lindbergh here at SAN. Also some American aboriginal yarn paintings. "Tepehuanas yarn paintings".

Not very inspired right now (read "bored"). T1746

Trying to figure out how to write Benedetti's name and mine in Inuktitut:

Kaihsu Tai
/kaisu tai/

Te Khaisu
/ti?/ /t(d)i?/

Michaël Benedetti
/miqail/ /b(v?p?)ened(t?)eti/

T1757 I just realized that there are no /e/ and /o/ in the Inuktitut phonology. What a surprise. Michael's name is thus Miqail, a good correspondence with the Russian 'Mikhail'. T1759

No voiced /d/ and /b/. Strangely, there is a voiced /g/. T1800

Plane delayed until 22:00. I ate dinner at McDonald's. It was the cheapest among the few choices. T2019

Bruce Bawer, Stealing Jesus New York: Three Rivers. 1997. ISBN 0-609-80222-4.

Some quotes I found interesting:

pp 10-11. "In recent years ... fade away." T2030

pp 32-33. (about verticality) T2059

p 38 "Love the Lord ... others." "The lawyer ... kingdom."

I agree or understand most of what Bawer says, but it seems to (if only passively) deny God's omnipotency. Sometimes I even have the feeling that he is trying to deny God as a person (for whatever "correct" theological word it should be).

If water-into-wine, why not virgin birth? If feeding thousands of people, why not Resurrection?

Divine intervention and miracles should be as real and "physical" (i.e., along the lines of physics) as Bawer's "love" and "experience".

I think that will be a more healthful & comprehensive understanding of God.

(However, Bawer will argue that a "more" comprehensive understanding is unnecessary...) T2205

Still on the ground. I hope we shall board the plane soon. T2206

I should say -- I am at the end of Ch 2 of Bawer's book.

-- It is more than "do good and love". The experience of God and the exceptionality of Jesus should be important. At least those are things I can't let go about Christianity.

Of course heaven on earth. But 2nd Coming too!

I need to think this out. T2211

Bawer's account of the New Testament reminded me of the account/explanation of the first chapters of Genesis in Ishmael. Humanist, but still inspirational. T2213

Ishmael changed a bit of how I think about this world. I am feeling Bawer's will also, but maybe at a lesser extent, after his 2nd Chapter. T2214

Soon boarding . . . T2215

Finally boarded at around 2230, taken off around 2255 . . . First time getting out of San Diego by plane. Quite beautiful before we hit the cloud . . . Switching to time zone from -0700 to -0400 for now:

Beautiful San Diego at night!

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