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(T1000) Went to the church "Our Lady of the Assumption" for the mass.

Thought about the communion of the Body (the Church).

The mass was mainly in English with French and Inuktitut readings.

Came back c. T1045. T1210

Around T0900, we went to eat breakfast at the Granite Room of our hotel, Discovery Lodge.

I had smoked arctic char on muffins with eggs. Mike had the "Northerner", but actually a Southern sausage and eggs thingie.

Yesterday's dinner specials:

  • Pork ribs (?) with pepper
  • Linguini with shrimps and scallops
  • Surf & Turf (arctic char & caribou)

Each of these cost some (27 to 30) CAD.

Restaurant Review:

Granite Room: (Inside the Discovery Lodge Hotel, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada)

Modern, well-lit decor with a northern touch of oil paintings of Inuit lifestyle and a southern touch of green plants. The staff and the clientele are usually southerners speaking French or English.

Gastronomic conservatives may enjoy southern fares such as pepper pork chops, sausage breakfast, or gourmet hot dogs, at a price that is slightly higher than the high ends of the South.

Culinary adventurists may make their foray into the surf & turf (caribou and arctic char), or a delightful breakfast of smoked arctic char on muffins topped with sunny-side-up eggs.

Generally, a civilized version of the arctic cuisine.

Rate: 3 out of 4

breakfast: 12 CAD to 15 CAD per person (tax & tip included)
lunch & dinner: 30 CAD or more.

T1408 We've been lazy since T1100 and sitting around. I tried to read Deuteronomy 24-27 while Mike watched TV.

One of the Planet of the Apes movies is on.

This movie "Wide Awake" about this kid's pilgrimage was on, which connected well with our previous theological discussion after the mass.

Mike has acquired this newfound interest in antique shows on CBC Newsworld.

Issue in Nunavut:

  • monopoly:
    • Northern Store (Hudson Bay Company)
    • Nortext (Nunatext) Nunatsiaq News (I did not heaf abour its competitor "News/North" until on the First Air flight)
    • First Air (?)
    • Co-op (?) (But that is an OK monopoly, since it is a co-op)
    • There is no Co-op in Iqaluit. Weird. I mistakened the "Arctic Ventures" as the Co-op.
    • This whole birthright organization thing might grow into state-capitalism . . .(?)

T1515 Somehow Deuteronomy 28 is related to Inuit & arctic life and history? T1517

T1610 Went out to eat and came back.

I smell like caribou meat. Actually, everything indoors somehow smell like caribou meat.

Saw a big ship on the sea this morning, but in the afternoon, no more.

The sea still does not move.

Toonoonik Hotel dining room. I had caribou burger; Mike had cheeseburger and fries. This might be the only eatery with mostly Inuit staff.

Restaurant Review:

Toonoonik Hotel dining room.

Unpretentious, yet just the right amount of decency. Great view of the Frobisher Bay and the town of Iqaluit.

Menu includes modern variation of the local "country food" such as caribou burger. Such delicacies are priced surprisingly reasonably, and it shows: this is the only place locals hang out for a bite. You can show your support of Inuit economic betterment by being a patron of this delightful place.

Price: 15 CAD per person

Rating: 4 out of 4 "Best place in town." T1627

T1747 "Armageddon" is on TV. Mike is watching it.

Bawer's book's 5th chapter annoys me. He puts Christianity at the same position as Confucianism -- as Mike just said this morning "Thank you very much -- we should be good to one another, but if that's it, why are you involved in this church thing? Why do you go to this building of stone every week?"

I think Bawer does not believe that God is a person, but I do. T1750

Discovery Lodge, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada


Still light out. Duh.

We went out about T1830 to walk down the causeway.

There was a big pile of junk down the causeway next to the Sylvia Grinnell Park.

Don't you think it is a bit weird to put a pile of junk next to a Territorial Park?

But down to where the river goes into the sea, it is pretty cool.

Mike was tired and hungry, probably for the walking down the snow on the beach. I wasn't but would soon be.

We walked to the Arctic Ventures and bought a loaf of bread and came back to the room to eat.

While eating, talked with Mike about Bruce Bawer's book. Mike and I both thought the book was stupid.

Mike said I should read Saint Thomas Aquinas.

"I am not afraid of reason, I jump off the cliff every day and eat eggs while falling." That was how Mike described Saint Thomas Aquinas. "Bald. Fat."

I should probably read it. T2123

Summa Theologica

Stuff to get once in the South:

  • Glenn Gould: The Solitude Trilogy (The Idea of North; The Latecomers; The Quiet of the Land)
  • St Thomas Aquinas
  • Chatelaine
  • Maclean's

This issue of Maclean's featured a 2 CAD coin on the cover with a Washington portrait on it, with the words "Say it ain't so."

Canadian paranoia.

Today is July the Fourth. Benedetti singing the national anthem, among other "American" patriotic songs.

Benedetti also said that I should write down Backstreet Boys' "Millennium" as something to check out once in the South. T2129

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" is on TV. Mike watching. I'll go back to reading Bawer's. T2132

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