Got 710 CAD from Mike.
700 CAD × 10  USD/14 CAD = 500  USD

T1031 Reading Globe & Mail at the airport.

The commentary and opinion pages are filled with paranoid comments about the Canadian national identity.

(The Sewage Lagoon stunk.)

Supposed to board plane around T1400.

Did I write this down?: The models in Chatelaine all look like they are Celtic. Many of the white chicks at the airports look Celtic too. T1035

So much tension in this country! The US-Canada tension. The Anglophone-Francophone tension.

Was reading the Globe and Mail, the Gazette, the Ottawa Citizen, and La Presse.

Much tension in the Gazette (A.-F.) and the Globe (U.S.-Canada).

The Citizen was sort of carefree and embraced the U.S. ad sort of a matter-of-fact on the same continent.

La Presse did not exhibit much tension, other than the funny column comparing St-Jean-Baptiste Day of Québec, Canada Day, Fourth of July, and the French 14 of July.

A letter in the Globe & Mail said "Canada has always been a lost cause for the past 150 years. the important thing is to keep it a lost cause for the next 150 years." (June 29)

Iqaluit airport, Nunavut, Canada T1127

T1442 Taking off on First Air 867 to Montréal. As I looked right (west) to see the Grinnell Park and the causeway, I saw the terrain that we have trodden step-by-step, meter-by-meter.

I felt the pride of the explorer... although maybe somehow undeservedly... T1446

T1555 Kuujjuaq Airport, Nunavik, Québec, Canada.

Security check involved a metal detector and open-baggage checks -- no x-ray machines here. I don't know if this is just a Québec thing or what.

I think I am getting mentally tired, either from Bawer's book or from the idea of returning to Québec, a land of tension.

Skimming through Bawer in hope of being able to throw it away at the Montréal Airport. T1558

Hastily finished Bawer. T1700. On the plane to Montréal.

Bawer, at his last chapter, talked about Huckleberry Finn.

Benedetti talked about Huck this morning at breakfast too, saying it was often regarded as the one Great American Novel.

David Lee Roth's autobiography, Mike said, talked also a lot about Huckleberry Finn too.

Cooked caribou meat in the burger I ate yesterday tasted like lamb.

Arctic char, when cooked or smoked, tasted like salmon.

I just had cooked arctic char for the meal on the flight. T1704

Bawer, book review:

Although I am not a fundamentalist, I still have my Apostles' Creed-based belief holding that YHWH is a person, not some "universe power" you can draw from. Bawer apparently does not.

This book is, although slightly more intelligent than, still barely saved from, a stringed-together of name-calling, movie reviews, gay sentiments, and notes from web-surfing.

Total disappointment. I was expecting a Christian Left which still holds true to the divine inspiration of the Bible and Apostles' Creed Faith free from arbitrary subjectivity. But Bawer is just as too self-righteous, self-sufficient, and self-justified as the Right he criticizes to do such. I believe such a Christian Left is still possible, though.

How does Bawer explain things such as the pillars of cloud and fire, the burning bush, the abomination of idolatry, and basically the whole Old Testament, given that YHWH is not a person? Metaphors? Poetry? Why not miracles?

This mystic, new age like, humanist "religious" view just annoys me.

All in all, this is a stupid book; its only value was to provide a glimpse of the denominations and history of the Church in the U.S., but I am sure there are way better books for this purpose than Bawer.

Rate: 0 out of 4. A disappointment. T1717

I am about to leave Bawer at the Montréal Dorval Airport. T1718

T1732 Just because Pat Robertson and James Dawson Dobson are foolish and hateful people, it does not mean that everything they believe is wrong. However, that seems to be Bawer's line of logic.

I think most "mainline" church-goers today are neither Jeffersonist/Bawerists nor Robertsonist/Dawsonists Dobsonists. They are liberal protestants, as much in-this-world as they are out-of-this-world, caring as much about others as about themselves. Nothing like the picture of mainline church Bawer paints; evidence: PC(USA) & other mainline church recent acts & documents.

On the other hand, Taiwan has been exposed to fundamentalist media programming without realizing, knowing or understanding it. For example: the 700 Club & the PTL Club are aired without counterpoint liberal "check-and-balance" (if I may use that phrase here). Dr Dawson Dobson is featured on Studio Classroom also without check.

I realized this only after arriving & living in the U.S. for a couple of years. T1740

How does Bawer explain prayer, and the beginning lines of the Lord's Prayer: "Our Father, who are in heaven, hallowed be thy name."?

T1943 Things get typeset vertically a lot more here in Montréal. Is it a francophony thing? T1943 On the bus to Rev Wu (Ngô·)'s house.

Somehow the tickets, transfers (correspondance), &c. become awards of francophony to me...

I am still contemplating the sociolinguistics of my confidence (or lack thereof) in speaking French... T1946

0705T2356 Talked with three seniors: Ron, May and Vina(?). Tried to acquire a Canadian accent, eh.

Plan for tomorrow: (Tue)

  • Morning: Musées
    • Architecture
    • Beaux-Arts (Crescent/Ste-Cat.)
    • McCord
    • Cathedral
    • Christ Church
    • Musée d'art contemporain
  • Afternoon: Vieux-Port
    • Basilique N.-D.
    • Pt-à-Callière
    • Église N-D-de-Bonsecours
    • Musée Banque de Montréal
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