Typographic Outcry

I am a letter among the hieroglyphs,' he muttered on. 'I tried to voice my simple nature -- the only thing I have! -- as they mimed at me in disdain. They kicked me and forced me to lie down, like one recently executed, while they stood, to their uniform squareness, in long, unbroken lines. In thousands and tens of thousands, they overwhelmed me with their glorious lineage, imposing on me their own complicated baggage. They stripped me of my serifs, removed my circumflex, cut off my descender, making me standing out there in the cold, sometimes naked in ALL CAPS, bleeding, half-lying, half-squatting, on an uneven baseline. They hardly left any space between themselves -- sometimes even deprived me of my own! -- and forced me to be monospaced like them. Ugh, the worst thing was their sweat of pointed dots.

'They say, "You were born as one of us." They shouted at me, "Why did you leave?" "What is this idealistic crap of a phoneme you are looking for?"

'How I wish I have my own alphabet!'

-- Kaihsu Tai

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