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19990708T0017 My Canadian English is now quite fluent eh.

The other day, when we were having tea with Ron & friends, Rev Wu spoke Taiwanese-accented English spotted with "eh".

Sleepy. T0019

T1452 Woke up around 0930. Went down to Vieux-Port to see Centre historique de Montréal & Pointe-à-Callière.

60 % French, 7 % (?) Italian, and 5 % English, eh? In Montréal, that is.

These musées are very, very good at presenting the history using multiple media, and blending the modern interpretation with the historical artifacts.

Now I am sitting at the border of Quartier chinois. Already smells like dried tofu. Before I enter, last note. T1456


Le Soleil
30 rue de la Gauchetière ouest, Montréal.

As you casually chew down your Taiwanese beef noodle (note that neither beef nor wheat are produced in Taiwan, thus making such a bizarre existence), look out the window to see the crossroad of culture: the gate of Quartier chinois, at the corner of la Gauchetière and Clark. Traditional far eastern music, european classicals, Mandarin & Cantonese pop, American hip-hop and rock & roll will attempt their foray into your ear. The decor blends the elegance of Asian & Christian cultures: the decorative carpets reminds you of southeast Asia, with the occasional Christian paraphrenia (sp?) paraphernalia from the proprietor's Presbyterian faith. The food is decent, but that does not matter now. The service was friendly, but who cares. As you pay the bill with the Elizabeth II coins, realize that you are paying taxes to both Ottawa and ville de Québec. Then, sigh and acknowledge that this is one of the most paradoxical dining experiences you have ever had. T1539

Rate: 2 out of 4

Price: under 10 CAD for a meal.

(can also view the siège social (headquarters) of Hydro-Québec)

T1707 (Woke up with my right tonsil hurting.)

Just walked past Place Desjardins. They were just having le petit école du jazz. They played the wheel of fortune of jazz. A kid would sing a song, (e.g. "Give it to me baby" by Offspring, in French) and the wheel would spin, and the band would play the song in the randomly chosen genre (e.g. "jazz latin"). Awesome.

Walked through Place-des-Arts. Some band was playing at the Scène du Maurier.

Now at A.L. van Houtte at University × Kennedy drinking a cappuccino glacé.

T1827 The cappuccino glacé at A.L. van Houtte does not come with sugar.

I found la maison de la bible at les promenades de la Cathédrale. It is the regional outlet for the Société canadienne de la bible. Lots of bible in all languages, especially Canadian languages like Algonquin, Iroquois and Inuktitut. Good find! Many of those were typeset in TeX . . . Duh.

Visited la Baie. Saw birthday cards and was reminded that today is Apah ê sen-jit (my father's birthday). Oops. T1833

Now at Cinéplex-Odeon Centre-Ville (near Métro McGill) about to watch this Vietnamese movie called "Three Seasons".

Probably in French with English sous-titre. Small theatre. Now 4 people, including myself. T1835

What happens -- what is the difference -- with an external dominance (for example: Québec--France, Latin America--Spain, Taiwan--Beijing)? (linguistically speaking)

Of course the standard is drawn from the external standard-establishing region.

Québec bookstores all feature Le Petit Robert . . . T1837

(smoking capital of the world -- multimedia presentation from Pointe-à-Callière)

("Donde son los napkins, s'il vous plaît?") T2048

Just came out of the movie. Eating at the Burger King at 2001 University. The counter guy Roberto spoke Spanish with the clients. -- But also English & French of course.

The francophones fight the anglophones; the anglophones fight the spanophones hispanophones . . . .

"Donde son los napkins, s'il vous plaît?"

Three seasons dealt with death, history/past, future/hope, &c., &c. T2052

People do ask others for matches here. They don't carry lighters themselves. They ask for matches.

That is a loud 5 %. But I guess not only the English-descent are anglophones. Lionel-Groulx T2122

The famous ARRÊT sign.

Obviously, no ville de Québec today. Next time, maybe. The Atlantic Provinces maybe? For the Celtic traditions? T2123

T2132 In our theory, we have not considered

  • clustering [A]--[A] will be more attempted than [A]--[BA], and [A]--[B] ~> 0 will hardly be attempted.
  • public speaking, indeed, multiple-party communication of any kind.
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